SoftFil Needles 25G x 40mm

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The Expert Range Of Needles 

Inspired by the design of SoftFil® Precision micro-cannulas, the SoftFil® Needle range enables practitioners to meet potential challenges such as difficult treatment areas, the need for varying levels of flexibility and handling different filler viscosities.
These needles are ideal for either a local and precise injection or a bolus injection, point per point.

Particularly for the injections of the nose, columella, marionette lines, dark circles, décolleté as well as the hands.

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Features And Benefits

  • Centimetric graduation,
  • Red dot on hub indicating bevel location
  • Specific surface treatmentfor perfect sliding
  • Female Luer-Lock screw fitting system
  • 6 lengths and calibers.

Sold per box of 100 individual pouches

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